Location: Galerie Honingen : Lange Tiendeweg 40, 2801 KJ Gouda & Hoge Gouwe 127, Gouda, The Netherlands

A group exhibition of diptychs which will take place in Galerie Honingen's two galleries in the historic centre of Gouda.

The galleries are open Thursday to Saturday from 11 am until 17 pm and by appointment. The gallery website is https://honingen.com/en/

I will be exhibiting 3 diptych paintings :

'The Mind Maze' oil on canvas on hardboard, 172 x 80 cm (illustrated)

'Bella figura' oil on canvas on hardboard, with mirrors, 122 x 104 cm

'All Kissing Strictly Forbidden' oil on canvas on hardboard, 153 x 71 cm