Location: Ossetian branch of the Pushkin Museum, Nikitina Str. 22, Vladikavkaz. Republic North Ossetia-Alania

The North Caucasus branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts will present the exhibition "Artificial Review" in Vladikavkaz.

Over the past two years, Ossetia has been experiencing a tourist boom. The republic overnight turned from mainly transit tourism into a final destination for visitors; a goal to which travellers from different parts of Russia rush, dreaming of picturesque gorges, Vladikavkaz views, gastronomic and cultural pleasures. It is these guests of the republic, who in discovering Ossetia, open it to the locals as well. The interest of tourists in the history, geography and customs of this little known territory, has encouraged its inhabitants to fill in the gaps in their own knowledge and ideas about ourselves and the place where they were born and live.

Sightseeing guides it seems, are not enough to satisfy the information hunger caused by the tourist excitement. The exhibition "Artificial Review" responds to this as an artistic guide to Ossetia, compiled according to the structure of the usual tourist guide. Sections of the exhibition, telling us about the history, nature, culture and people, are formed with works created at different times by both foreign and Russian contemporary artists and their interpretations about Ossetia. A good guide is not only a reference book. The modern tourist has no shortage of information – the Internet is at hand!

"Artificial Review" offers not just a deep and entertaining knowledgeable immersion into the Ossetian republic, but also gives the viewer the opportunity to take advantage of the multi-focus optics that modern art has, revealing an alternative view of a number of local customs and phenomena in all their vivid originality and realism.

The exhibition, which opens at 17.00 on the 26th November 2021, presents works by 15 Russian and foreign artists together with works from the two projects of the North Caucasus branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.