Description for London Underground:

We all go shopping but when I visited Brixton and East Dulwich, shopping was all about the local communities, sharing different cultural tastes with friends and family

When getting off the bus in East Dulwich, the food smells hit you. Forget the diet and indulge yourself. Each bakery, cake and cheese shop has an individual way of producing, decorating and displaying their produce: an enormous choice.

Leaving the Tube and entering Brixton Market is like going into a museum, many top quality exotic objects arranged in front of you, from tiny orange turmeric root too giant yellow jackfruit. The vibrant colours and textural displays, made me feel I was in a hot climate, not the cold winter of the U.K.

A special thank you to all the shopkeepers and stallholders for allowing my friends to take photographs, I'm sorry I was unable to use all your products.