A collaborative project with Edinburgh based documentary photographer Jaime Molina, originally from Colombia. Raised on naturalist family values, Jaime’s love for wilderness fuels his drive to invest everything in the expression of the natural world. In his personal work, he explores the intricate relationship between the human and natural world; a relationship that can be both volatile and beautiful. Since graduating from Falmouth University, Jaime has been shortlisted for several prizes and awards and has been published in The Guardian and The New York Times.

Estelle and Jaime met online during lockdown, through a shared interest in foraging. When restrictions allowed, they combined their creative practices to produce a new photographic series, ‘A Forager’s Manual; How to Get Lost During A Global Pandemic’. This is a set of seasonal portraits taken by Jaime, using different models wearing Estelle’s nature masks in the direct natural landscape from which the plants and materials were foraged. The series was intended to rekindle our fundamental relationship with nature. During the lockdowns, many people made a habit of exploring and appreciating their local greenspaces more and the aim was to represent this connectivity through the work.