Phoenix City 2021 is a moving-image work which combines documentary and speculative fiction to look at Coventry in the process of UK City of Culture. It was commissioned by Coventry Biennial for the third edition of Coventry Biennial: HYPER-POSSIBLE.

Phoenix City 2021 examines Coventry’s relationship to the image of the phoenix - stemming from Donald Gibson’s and Basil Spence’s use of the mythical bird as symbol to represent their respective town-planning and cathedral proposals for Coventry realised in the 1950’s – and the hypothesis that UK City of Culture is conceived in as the city’s next phoenix moment.

The work features an original soundtrack by Abul Mogard, with the collaboration of Jaguar Land Rover Band and Royal Leamington Spa Bach Choir.

Technical details

Title: Phoenix City 2021
Duration: 24 mins
Date of production: 2021
Format: HD video 1920 x 1080, 6-channel audio.