Approved: 22.03.2018

Cait Sparks


Approved: 22.03.2018

Artist Statement.

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement.

Through my work I explore the relationship between human and nature, urban and wilderness. My work would fall under the title of environmental art. I enjoy mixing media and techniques and am currently focusing on print and sculpture.

 As I am a tactile person I enjoy creating sculptures. I include 3D elements in my pieces and play with shadows and textures. My other passion is mixing colours. Creating contrasting and complementing colours is something I can enjoy when working with screen print and paint.  

Displaying the world in a different way is evidenced in my work I see beauty in ordinary items and I enjoy hiding and revealing things through my work.  

Site plays a part in my work. I enjoy exploring specific sites and either collecting items to manipulate back in my studio or creating installations on site. Encapsulating the site in my work is important I do this by displaying this in an abstract and contemporary way.

CV & Education

Artist C.V.

D.O.B:   08/08/1990


Name:    Cait Mary Sparks


E mail address: [email protected]


Over the years as an artist and through my studies I have taken the opportunity to gain experience in the planning and running of numerous exhibitions. Through organising exhibitions I have gained skills in the following areas:


-          Arranging venues.

-          Networking.

-          Curating.

-          Invigilating.

-          Risk assessments.

-          Transportation of work.

-          Recording sales.

-          Planning and running the preview event.

-          Promoting and advertising.


Exhibiting Artwork


Exhibitions and galleries I have displayed my work in are as follows:


-          Lowes Court Gallery.

-          C-Art.

-          The Beautiful and intricate.

-          Eskdale Art Show.

-          Reading Between the Lines.

-          John Hyatt: Rock art- Home.

-          20/20 Print Exchange- Traveling exhibition.




I have created small personal commissions in my artistic career but the main commission I have completed was for the University of Salford.


-          Fuse, Clifford Whitworth Library Project-  The University of Salford (2017)

-          Fuse, Clifford Whitworth Library Project- The University of Salford (2018) 


Visual Art          Degree                           2:1

Fine Art             HND                               Merit

Art and Design  BETC National Diploma Merit




Other Interests


My hobbies and interests coincide with my qualifications as art plays a big role in my life. I have spent ten years working with the Solfest art team to create large pieces of artwork. This involved working with festival managers to plan where the art would go, size specifications for the pieces and also themes that would suit the feel of the event. Solfest is a festival held in Cumbria and has had over 4000 ticket sales each year. In 2015 I was the head art organiser for Castle Rock, a new charity based festival held in Workington Town. For this event I worked as the head of the art team to create large scale artworks and plan where they would be best suited to display in the layout of the festival. Other factors that have to be taken into account are health and safety and weather, assurances must be made that all pieces are securely hung and weatherproof if being displayed outside. Finances were a key aspect while designing and creating the artwork as I was working to a budget. I also display and sell my artwork independently through my website and a local store. I regularly visit exhibitions and art fairs as I enjoy viewing other people’s art as well creating my own.