Approved: 30.04.2021

Anya Bliss


Approved: 30.04.2021

In my artistic practice, I work with a variety of materials, producing artworks that  could be described as forms of art-activism. I am primarily interested in drawing  attention towards injustices and problems faced by minority groups, such as social  and political Otherness.  

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  • Location: Bournemouth, and Milton Keynes, England

Artist Statement

In my artistic practice, I work with a variety of materials, producing artworks that  could be described as forms of art-activism. I am primarily interested in drawing  attention towards injustices and problems faced by minority groups, such as social  and political Otherness.  

Unlike traditional protest art, I like my message to be subtle to leave room for the  viewers to form their own opinions on what the work is about. This also encourages  the audience to have conversations about the work to understand the more serious  meaning. I incorporate a variety of theoretically influenced techniques as tools to  attract the viewers’ attention, highlight the significance of what is being portrayed,  and to create a certain atmosphere to subliminally influence the way the audience  feels or interprets the piece. For example, I sometimes use humour and abject  imagery to create an uncanny sense of discomfort mixed with lightheartedness,  which is important when portraying difficult topics.  

Working in a variety of ways, producing different 2D, 3D, digital, sculptural, textiles  based, or sound based outcomes and having a wide set of skills to accomplish  these allows me to find the best way to portray certain topics and issues. Although I  do not restrict myself to one medium, I enjoy sculpture and installation for the way  they can be used to completely transform a space. It means the viewing can be  within the work and, outside of white cube spaces, the setting can influence the  piece.

CV & Education



Email: [email protected] 


2017 - 20 BA (HONS) Fine Art - First Class Honours, Arts University Bournemouth, UK.
2016 - 17 Art & Design Foundation Diploma - Distinction, Arts University Bournemouth, UK. 


2020 The Most Dangerous Man Alive, The Paddock, Milton Keynes, UK. 

2019 The Pilgrims Visit, The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth, UK. 
Carnivalesque Parade, Bournemouth Town Centre, Bournemouth, UK. 
2018 Mini Queen V, Plenty Up Top Gallery, Newcastle, UK.  


2021 ArtWorks Together, upcoming digital exhibition in March + physical exhibition in June at   Wentworth Woodhouse, South Yorkshire, UK. 
ECO, digital exhibition, upcoming March - April  

2020 Digital Grad Show 2020, Arts University Bournemouths Digital Graduates Exhibition. Queer (in collaboration with Iris Film Festival), BUMF Gallery, Bournemouth, UK. 

2019 The History Of Riga (performance as part of The Noematic Collective for the Paradox   Biennale), The Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.  
BEAF - The Noematic Collective sound workshops and performance, Boscombe, UK. Deep Trash: Eco Trash Exhibition (part of The EcoFutures Festival by Cuntemporary),   Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, Bethnal Green, London, UK. 
The Biomachine: Proteins in Praxis, Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford, UK.  The Art of Dazzle and War, The CRAB Drawing Studio at TheGallery AUB, Bournemouth,   UK.  
(In)Visible Exhibition, BUMF Gallery, Bournemouth, UK.  
International Womxn’s Day Exhibition, Social Grill Cafe, Bournemouth, UK.

2018 Dangerous Flower, Wythe Hotel Cinema, Brooklyn, New York City, USA.  Nasty Women International Art Prize, Praxis Gallery, Newcastle, UK.  
Nasty Women Exhibition, Anjos70, Lisbon, Portugal.  
Glory Hole, Arts University Bournemouth - Studio 3, Bournemouth, UK.

2017 Foundation Show, TheGallery AUB, Bournemouth, UK.  
Poltimore Festival, Poltimore House, Exeter, UK.  

2016 Growth, Arts University Bournemouth - Foundation Gallery, Bournemouth, UK. 


2021 Eco World, Digital Residency hosted by The Mycological Twist.  
SPUR (Community Player), Digital Residency, UK. (2020 - 2021) 
2020 Praxis, Digital Programme by Axis Web, UK.  
CREATE! Creatives 
2019 Paradox Fine Art European Forum - Biennale, The Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.  2018 Nasty Women North East, Ampersand Inventions, Newcastle, UK.  
Aisthetikos, Six D.O.G.S, Athens, Greece. (Residency and Group Exhibition).  


2021 Michael Morris’ Judges Prize, Artworks Together, Wentworth Woodhouse, South Yorkshire, UK.  Seed Fund Commission from Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester, UK.  


2021 Vulvas Para Colorea, Roza Y Quema, Mexico City, Mexico.  
The February Gallery by The Student Gallery, digital publication, UK.  
2020 No Jobs In The Arts - issue 4, Zine distributed around the East Midlands, UK. Artist Spotlight Interview, Artists of Meraki, Online Blog and Magazine.  
2018 Cliterature Zine, Dangerous Flower - Girls on Film, Brooklyn, New York City, USA. 


2019 Private Collector, Milton Keynes, UK. 
Private Collector, Boscombe, Bournemouth, UK.  
2018 Private Collector, Lisbon, Portugal.  


FAK, Performative zine collective, 2021 - Ongoing  
Mycological Twist + SPUR Community Project, Opportunity during the SPUR digital residency, 2021. The Noematic Collective, Sound-focussed collective, workshops and performances in Bournemouth,  London, Newcastle, and Riga, Latvia.  
Paint Exchange, collaboration between arts universities in Bournemouth, UK and New York, USA, 2019 Production Team, Curation & installation for The Biomachine exhibition, Oxford, UK, 2019. Intimate Jelly (Collective), Exhibited in Bournemouth & London, 2018 - 2019. 
Performed for Richard Waring, Idiot Joy Showland, Athens, Greece, 2018.