Location: Zoom

Art Lab May 2022
Tuesday 3 May 2022, 8pm GMT, via zoom
Presenting: Jenny Blake Wright & crash-stop


Jenny Blake Wright

My work explores ideas around the feminine, the domestic and blue mind. I also paint the world around me focusing on subjects that over time resonate and form a part of my daily life. Landscape is central to my work; motifs that incorporate looking across water become symbolic of journeying, traveling through space and time imaginatively and emotionally. Sustained observations of my subject become translated into a visual language each experience has an equivalent colour or drawn mark. It is the relationship between these notations that must be a response to form and space not only to convey an understanding of it but also an engagement when inspired. My work is mainly representational yet memory and imagination play an important role. When painting landscapes (often plein air) I look for rhythms and connections, a still life object must be meaningful and contain a narrative. In my mixed media work I use transparent organza fabric, playing with layers of colour, material and imagery to create art-boxes that resemble holograms. These jewel-like objects change depending on your viewpoint, thus becoming delicate visual illusions.



My work is based on misusing and leveraging flaws in software and hardware to reinterpret and remake found sources including VHS, public domain silent movies, government information films, and ad-breaks from satellite television, what is generally referred to as ‘Glitch Art’ or ‘Net Art’. My focus at the moment is on using the desktop workspace paradigm as an environment to work within and comment upon.


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